Lympathic Drainage 101: What you should know

lymphatic drainage massage

Have you ever heard of Lymphatic Drainage Massage? Lymphatic drainage is a very popular topic among wellness community, but can anyone elaborate? How does Lymphatic System work? Come with me as we have a look on our body’s most important system.

So What is Lymphatic System?

Ready for the fun part? According to Cleveland Clinic, Lymphatic System is a network of tissue, vessels, and organs that work to move a colorless, watery fluid called lymph back in to your circulatory system. It is responsible for the proper functioning of parts of the immune system, it also protects us from infection and disease.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re not feeling so great, like when you’re coming down with something, you may notice some swelling at the side of your neck. Those lumps probably feel soft and tender to touch and may even hurt a little. That’s your Lymphatic system doing its work- it’s trying to remove a toxic substance or infection from your body! A build-up of fluids in your lymphatic system, known as Lymphedema (or lymphatic obstruction), which can be caused by medical issues, surgeries or other issues. An obstructed lymphatic system can cause further health issues such as fever and infection. Since a properly functioning Lymphatic System is essential for overall health, you’ll want to help promote the flow of lymphatic fluid to prevent any obstruction. This is where Lymphatic Drainage comes in picture. Lymphatic drainage includes lymph node pumping and slow gentle strokes in the direction of lymph channels, guiding the fluid to move faster and better out of the area. Common treatment includes compression garments, which promote lymph fluid movement. Lymphatic drainage sometimes also includes a decongestion machine with sleeves worn on limbs and stomachs. Studies have shown a correlation between stress and lymph damage, so managing your stress is key for a healthy lymphs! Maintaining a diet rich in fiber (like leafy greens) and free from processed foods can also help promote a healthy lymphatic system. Drinking lots of water is a key as well.

What about the aesthetic benefits of Lymphatic Drainage?

Beauty bloggers and massage therapists alike often tout lymphatic drainage massage as a way to improve the appearance of the skin by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and eye bags.

So how is it done?

Usually lymphatic drainage is usually done by a professional. If you’re looking to try it for aesthetic purpose, find an aesthetician or massage therapist near your area. Or you can try to and do it on your own. Who knows this might even end up on your daily skincare routine (check out Rolling Up below which is the perfect tool!)

lymphatic drainage massage

Thanks to the legendary lymphatic Drainage Massages, spa days are known for their relaxing and glowing experiences. Not only do you feel like a puddle of calm afterward, but if you got a facial massage, your skin is probably rejuvenated and glowing.

You don’t have to wait for the weekend to get those same benefits. An at-home facial massage can work pretty well with getting rid of puffiness and leave you looking flushed and alive. Plus, it’s also an excellent stress reliever and mood elevator.

Once you get it home, here’s how to use your face roller:

1. Wash your face

Rolling Up works best on a freshly clean skin

lymphatic drainage massage

2. Add skincare products

You can use your face roller to apply moisturizer, serums or oils to your skin more evenly.
I’ll tell you a secret oils works best! Figure out what oils you want to use.

lymphatic drainage massage

3. Roll down and out

The direction you roll in matters — roll outwards from the center of your face. Around the eyes, for example, roll away from your eyes to decrease puffiness.
Did you know that lymphatic drainage massage with tools has been a common practice in China for centuries and recently has become more common in other countries.

The good news here you can use Rolling Up in various parts of your body! Say you have a stiff neck and shoulders from looking at your screen all day, voila! Roll it over your neck and shoulders and feel a deep kneading massage instantly! Don’t forget to tie your hair up though.

4. Don’t go back and forth

Resist the urge to roll back and forth as that doesn’t help improve blood flow to the face.

5. Don’t forget you neck and chest area

Get the blood flowing to those areas to relieve any tension. And that’s a bonus: The neck and chest, which are equally exposed to the sun’s UV rays, are often neglected areas of skin care.


6. Make it a ritual of relaxation

Expert says that you only need 5 minutes a day or every other day.
This relaxing and informative video by oxfordjasmine will teach you how to give yourself spalike facial massages for quality drainage. She specifically focuses on pressure points to help release tension in your forehead and around your eyes. It’s an ideal tutorial for those who want to feel invigorated first thing in the morning.

7. Clean your Rolling Up

I strongly suggests cleaning your rolling up with rubbing alcohol after each use. Our skin does have bacteria on it. There’s also product residue that can build up.

lymphatic drainage massage
For those with mature skin, expert says to be extra careful with your skin and not roll too aggressively. If the skin is more fragile, you can get bruising. If you think a face roller or Lymphatic Drainage is right for you, give it a roll. Using a face roller can come in handy for big events when you want to look your best. But like with any new product, proceed with caution at first.“Start slow and see how things go”. See if you like it and see what the benefits are before you make it a part of your routine.So is lymphatic drainage and using such device safe? Generally, lymphatic drainage is safe. Rolling up and other rollers are generally safe as well. However, you might want to consult your physician first if you have any of the following:

  • A high risk of blood clots
  • Congestive heart failure
  • An active lymphatic infection
  • Swelling with no known case
  • Have a pacemaker
  • Pregnant

Lymphatic drainage is an established treatment for certain medical conditions involving swelling or issues with the lymphatic system. It’s beauty benefits, however, require more research. It might not live up to the hype of being a nonsurgical facelift overnight, but it’s generally safe. If you’re interested, give it a try or experiment with a DIY approach.

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